Thursday, February 02, 2012

National Chicken & Egg Day .......................

Forget Groundhog's Day ........

Because yes ........ today was actually the day to celebrate our chickens and the eggs they provide for us. My hens have just started laying again after their fall molting process. January started out good , but their egg laying has been slack this week. I'm not sure why , but it's probably the crazy weather pattern we're having. It's been very spring like , but we've had a couple of really cold nights. Pictured above is Ms. Rose , she provided me with an egg today and I'm mighty thankful to her. Ms. Rose is my aggressive hen , she'll chase you down for a snack , jump up and grab it if she gets the chance. She also pecks you if you don't get her feed in the pan fast enough , but it's a gentle peck (LOL ).

This is Iris , she lays white eggs with beautiful school bus yellow yolks.
She's the shy hen , I'm really surprised that she allowed me to capture this pic.

Jenny and Violet were hiding in the bushes today , guess they didn't want their picture taken ............ bad feather day , perhaps (LOL).

It was almost 70 degrees today , so this trio was seeking shade under the old truck. I'm thankful for my chickens and the eggs they provide us.

Happy Chicken and Egg Day !!




edenhills said...

I didn't realize there was such a day, but I'm not surprised it would coincide with groundhog day. I have one of those impatient hens as well. She's constantly almost getting stepped on trying to find goodies on my shoes.

Owlthena Rhaevyn said...

Oh how I love your hen friends, I don't have any of these darlings now I use to but gave them up when I went on the road with trucker hubby about 14 yrs ago, now I am home and I am yearning for some hens of my own. Love hearing about your feathered friends. beautiful chicks

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Your Iris is beautiful. I love my six hens and they did'nt stop laying this Winter.