Monday, January 29, 2007

What A Day !

What a day ! My mom , oldest daughter and I were going to visit my Aunt Beulah today.We were traveling the same road were our friend wrecked two weeks ago today , and another lady had just wrecked within seeing distance of the friend's wreck. A logging truck had passed a mailman that was pulled over putting mail in a box in a no passing zone on a inclining hill , the lady came over the hill and met the truck in her lane and took the ditch rather than hit the truck. She was o.k. but very scared.The truck didn't stop .We waited there with her til her husband arrived , he arrived before the highway patrol did. I hope they catch the person that caused the wreck.

We had lunch with my Aunt and enjoyed our short visit.She was doing well and her daughters are taking good care of her.

I did watch Frida this weekend . It was a great movie , enjoyed learning more about her life. I did finish my Frida ATC. Need to work on my self portrait.


LisaOceandreamer said...

that sounds like a dangerous road, please do be careful. Glad your aunt is doing well and that you enjoyed Frida.
I hope you are feeling in better spirits.

Janet said...

We lived in Oregon for a time and logging truckers were very aggressive there, too. They seem to think they own the roads. I'm glad no one was hurt this time.