Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogiversary Giveaway ~~~~ True Magic of the Garden

As I walked out the door this morning , I was blessed with some garden magic , the wonderful scent of magnolias that are blooming. The smell was pleasant and touched my senses , put me in a better mood and reminded me to be thankful for the simple pleasures in life.
I think the smells , color and beauty are the magic in gardens.This is the collage I created for my blogiversary giveaway. I will announce the winner tommorrow , so please leave a comment for a chance to win.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh this is soo beautiful! I think we are always blessed and it is a true inspirational thing for you to show that in your art. I think. :)

craftyhala said...

happy Blogiversary to you!

Naturegirl said...

Happy Blogaversary to you! hugs NG