Friday, May 18, 2007

>>> My Farm <<<

Well , it's not quite a farm yet. Although I hope to have a small farm soon.
I love the idea of self-sufficiency , fresh veggies , eggs and meats. My Paternal Grandparents were farmers and I loved the farm , except for one mean old rooster.
My Uncle took care of that rooster one day after he jumped me , twist of the neck and off to the chopping block , chicken for supper.

I would love to take credit for all the work , but I must confess it's a family community garden. My Mom , daughters , sister , brother , hubby , son-in-law all help with plowing , planting , weeding , gathering in two gardens. We have one at my house and one at my Mom's. So that's way it looks like a small farm , we grow enough for several families.

The photo above is Curious Jake and his mom , planting pumpkins. We dug holes for the seed but he decided to pour them out all over the ground and just give them some water (LOL).

My oldest daughter and I picked strawberries this week. I've been been busy making strawberry jam and freezing some.

Hope your weekend is Great !!


Pam Aries said...

Seeing this post make me miss a big garden and the country! ..I will be mailing your crow book soon ,, I promise!

Lisa said...


judie said...

Ah well. Maybe the pumpkins will grow anyway! Or......well, birds like pumpkin seeds. Maybe they will sprout down the road aways. LOL

LisaOceandreamer said...

Wow how wonderful to have this gathering of gardens!! Such bounty you'll get from all this. I hope at least one pumpkin grows for Jake's sake.
Can you email me how you make your jam? I received one from another blogger (recipe that is) but I'd like to compare. I don't cook but I am really wanting to make strawberry jam. Will you do that?
I'll be anxious to see how the garden grows!!

Peggy said...

love your blog and your garden!