Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Frogs , Snakes and a Painted Turtle !

In the last week or two , Jake and I have been exploring nature.

We saved a painted turtle that was headed for the highway. We took him to the branch and released him there.

Where's the bullfrogs ? I kept pointing to the frogs , but I don't think Jake saw them until I downloaded this photo. They do camouflage well on the creek bank.

And speaking of camouflage , checkout Mr. Green Snake , my cat was trying to catch him.

The weather here has been very cool for May , I'll be glad when it warms up again.

I've been busy creating the collage for my Giveaway and working on the altered mermaid book. I haven't worked on the book in awhile , had to get my swaps finished and the garden started. The garden looks wonderful , will post some pictures of it later this week.


judie said...

I am still looking for the frogs, but I sure didn't miss the beautiful snake! Love nature photos!

ikkinlala said...

Great photos.

I love painted turtles, but I want them to stay away from our place this year because I think the dog would try to eat them.

Lisa said...

The frogs look like cartoon characters! Too cool! Love the snake, so vibrant and the turtle really does look like someone splashed paint on him. lol

You should be getting your print soon!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them with us!