Tuesday, May 15, 2007

~How Does My Garden Grow ~

My garden is looking pretty good. The cabbage and broccoli are starting to head , we should be harvesting them toward the end of this month.
The potatoes and onions are looking real good but it will be a while before they are ready.

I planted 3 types of tomatoes. The grape tomatoes are starting to bloom , so hopefully we'll be eating some of those soon. It will be July before the others are bearing.

The corn is trying to come up , we need a good soaking rain so the seeds can sprout.

I planted okra , but it hasn't sprouted yet. I'm planning to plant greenbeans and squash between the corn as soon as it grows about a foot tall.

So this is How my Garden Grows !

The scarecrow women and twine fence with the plastic bags and foil pans , seems to be keeping the critters away.Wish they would keep the weeds away (LOL).


Anonymous said...

Ohhh your garden looks wonderful!
I have to give you lots and lots of credit. I sure couldn't keep up with a garden. :) WONDERFUL JOB!

Pam Aries said...

GARDEN???? THat's a farm! Wow! That looks like our garden in WVa where I grew up! We lived on everything we grew!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Holy smokes girl, that's a garden? I thought you were showing a farm in your area!! That's amazing...and you tend all this yourself??
Who needs Martha...we have JoyceAnn!

mrsnesbitt said...

What an inspiration! I have planted vegetables for the very first time this year...the weather of late has been dreadful, but at least the veg seeds/sets have had plenty of water....today I need to buy some wellies..........wonder if I can get some glitter ones! LOL!


judie said...

Gosh, lotsa hard work there! What time is dinner?