Sunday, March 09, 2008

* ~ * Woo Hoo ~ Composting Worms * ~ *

Spring fever has set in and I'm ready to get in the garden. It's early yet , so decided I would get some composting worms and try my hand at vermiculture/vermicomposting. I ordered a pound of red wigglers on Sat. and they arrived in the mail on Wed.

These worms are suppose to make the best compost . I thought this would be a great environmental project for Curious J and I to explore. I had a plastic tote we turned into a worm bin , my dear husband drilled holes in the top and bottom. I tore newspaper into 1 inch strips and soaked them in water ,wrung out the water , wet newspaper makes the bed for the worms , also added some decaying leaves and some composting soil from my compost pile.
I tried to get Curious J to hold a worm , but this little boy wouldn't touch a worm. I guess he's not your typical country boy , he did dump them in the bin and loved watching them. We will be feeding them all our veggie scraps , coffee grounds , filters and stale bread. Hopefully we'll have rich dark soil in about 6 months and Curious J will have a lesson about the food chain and how nature takes care of us if we don't destroy it.
~ Green Blessings to Everyone ~


judie said...

Thats very kewl! If I lived in the country, I would love to do that. However, I can see my snooty association president now if she thought I had a worm bed! LOL

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, I'd like to do this. I think this is something our TownHouse Community should do. If I owned a TownHouse or Apartments I'd have a lot of different things for people to do at it. Besides the pool/sauna and excercise room. I'd have a community garden, nut/fruit trees and blueberry bushes, etc. Even solar power.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Have a Blessed Year!!!

Lisa said...

Very cool!