Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~ Easter Fun ~

Easter came early this year , it was chilly outside but the egg hunt went on. Kids never complain about the weather , they 're always ready. We hid 160 eggs and they were all found.
I didn't get to make the Easter pinata this year , so I added bunny ears and hung a egg from the beak of a parrot pinata my sister had purchased last year. Have you ever seen a Easter Parrot ?

We played ~ Chubby Bunny ~ the marshmallow game. My Sil won the adult game of chubby bunny and an Angel won the kids game. We play egg toss with boiled and raw eggs , makes it interesting ~ you never know which egg is coming at you.
It was a fun~filled day , I enjoyed seeing all the kids smiling and having fun.
~ Hope Your Easter was Blessed with many Smiles ~


judie said...

What fun you had, and how clever to make that parrot Easter pinata!

artbrat said...

Love your easter parrot!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I never knew anyone celebrated with a pinata b/4 or all those games. Just a egg hunt. Look's like everyone had a great time. I like you altered photo of the kids!

Cute baby also!

God Bless! Have a Blessed Year!!!

Lib said...

Thanks for the Love,Prayers, and support you gave me durning my down time.
You Easter looks like fun had by all:o)