Friday, March 14, 2008

~ Spring Fever ~

The weather has been gorgeous this week , the flowers are beautiful this year. We've been getting much needed rain , drought conditions are getting better.
Yesterday I spent time in the garden , weeding the garlic. The garlic looks good and strong. Next week I plan to fertilize it with some fish emulsion. I hope to have a totally natural /organic garden this year. We've got onions sprouting up from last year , the ground didn't get wet enough for the bulbs to sprout up last year. Hoping to get some potatoes , onions , broccoli and cabbage planted this weekend .I also want to start some seeds and plant some leaf lettuce.
I picked a few herbs yesterday and tossed them in my salad last night. A few dandelion leaves , wild violet leaves and chickweed , tossed into a bowl of iceberg lettuce , carrots and onions made for a delightful salad. I haven't been very creative lately , but I guess this salad counts. I have a few things I need to add to my ~ Create Everyday ~ blog , I haven't give up on the create everyday challenge.

~ Wishing everyone a Wonderful Weekend ~

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Flassie's Fil'a said...

Hej, Joyce Ann!

I see yellow flowers in the distance to the right in the photo besides the Yellow Daffodils. What is that plant?

I didn't know one could eat wild violet leaves. I read that chickweed was good for you many years ago. Do you have a good identifing book that you like?

Yes the Salad is part of being creative everyday. Even cleaning and organizing and weeding.

Check out how Katerine Dunn weeds her garden to help prepare it for planting. She is on my list.

Have a Blessed Creative
Healthy Happy Fun Year!!!