Thursday, March 27, 2008

~ Seed Potatoes ~ Onion Sets ~

This year we are growing our potatoes from the potatoes we grew last year. We had lots of small potatoes left from last year and they were full of sprouts , so we planted those Wednesday. We planted 1 row of red potatoes and 3 rows of white potatoes. The red potatoes didn't store well over the winter , this year we will eat them first and can the extras.
Thursday morning I planted 1 lb of white onions ,1 lb of yellow onions and 1/2 lb of red onions. I still have 2 1/2 lbs left and will store them until Fall or plant them if I have any extra space.

I also planted 30 cabbage plants. I planted marigolds between some of the cabbages , hoping it will deter rabbits and maybe deer. Last year we put dried hot pepper pods on the corn and strung some through the peas and butterbeans , the deer didn't bother them at all. We plan to add plenty of hot peppers throughout the garden this year.

My youngest daughter gave me this wonderful gardening bag. Now I can keep my tools , seeds and other needs together. I plan to plant broccoli , spinach and some more lettuce this weekend.

~ Green Blessings to Everyone ~ JoyceAnn


Lib said...

Hi Joyce Ann,
I Love this post. I Love gardening.
We have a big problem with keeping coons out of the garden.We've tried everything we're heard and nothing seems to work.:o(
Happy Gardening!

Naturegirl said...

Arn't you a busy bee planting all the veggies!! Great gift!!sunkissed in Arizona hugs NG

Peggy said...

Thanks for the tip about the red pepper. Will have to try that to keep the rabbits out of our gardens. Love your garden bag!