Monday, May 05, 2008

~ * ~ Meet Ms. Jazzy ~ * ~

Last week , I heard my uncle was trying to find homes for some baby bunnies. So friday , I had to make a trip to the grocery store for my Mom and decided I would drop by and bring one home. She's cute as can be , Curious J and I decided to name her Jazzy. Jazzy will provide manure for my composting bin.

We finished planting the garden saturday. My Mom , 2 daughters and I planted corn , greenbeans , squash/3 kinds , peppers/5 kinds and some cantaloupes. It just about completes the garden except for the tomatoes and we're waiting for those to get a little larger.
Curious J spent the night saturday , we watched the Bee Movie sunday.
It was pretty good , but I don't think Curious J liked it to much , he did enjoy some parts though. We had a Bee parade afterwards with his bees he had collected from McDonald's , we found a bus , elephant pull along toy , jeep , and a couple of other riding toys to put the bees in and lined them up for a parade.We talked about how bees make honey and colored a picture of a bee on some flowers. This was our Earth Day celebration , a little late but I think Earth Day is everyday.
~ Hope your weekend was Blessed ~ JoyceAnn

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MissKoolAid said...

Jazzy is lovely! I agree with you: every day should be Earth Day. I've found a way to do composting even if I'm in an apartment. I might try to get started on that this summer...