Saturday, January 02, 2010

Looking Back ~ At Goals for 2009

Looking back at my ...... 2009 Goals
Seeing what I accomplished and what wasn't accomplished.

Learn to make bread ~ Loaf , French , Sourdough

Update ~ I started out the year learning to make french bread , but didn't follow through on the bread making. I do want to learn to make sourdough and loaves of bread , so maybe I'll add that to my list for this year.

Learn to crochet

I didn't accomplish this goal , seems the year went by to quickly. But , I'm determined to learn to crochet soon.

Chickens ~ Fresh Eggs

YAY ~ We did accomplish this goal , got 6 hens back in Feb. and have been blessed with 886 eggs since May 31st.

Continue Decluttering

Hello , My name is JoyceAnn and I'm a pack rat , wonder if there are therapeutic groups for this problem (LoL). Actually I think it might be a hereditary tendency , a few years ago we were having a cookout at my Mom and Dad's when my cousin said , some of this junk has been out here since we were kids. He was referring to scrap metal and other stuff my Dad had piled up here and there. I had often wondered why I wanted to keep everything , always looking for other ways to use something. My Mom isn't like that , when she's tired of it , it's gone. Guess I'm more like my Dad , of course both of my paternal Grandparents were keepers too , so as the saying goes " I got it honest ". I did some decluttering , but not as much as I would like to get done.

~ ~ Garden Plans ~ ~
Start most plants from seed

I did start most of my plants from seeds , but the kitty destroyed quite a few of them. It was a learning experience , this year I will start the seeds sooner in a safer place.

Start Asparagus Bed

Accomplished this goal , but plan to move the bed this Spring. I shouldn't have put it so close to the chicken coop :(

Plant Grape Vine

I didn't get new vines planted , but we have an old vine we cut back and this Spring we plan to build a new trellis for it.

Plant Apple Trees

I didn't get new apple trees planted .

Plant a few more Blueberry Bushes

And I didn't get any blueberry bushes planted either.

Start Strawberry Bed

I did get a strawberry bed started , but it needs to be moved and enlarged.

Start a Garden Journal for 2009

I did enjoy creating my garden journal , it really comes in handy for looking back at what I did well and what needs improving.

Continue Herbal Studies

I did well with this goal , identified several new herbs growing around the homestead. I made tinctures , oils and used wild herbs in my cooking. This is another goal I'll continue this year , actually it's a lifetime goal.

Build a Faerie House

I created a " Fall Harvest " themed fairy house , not exactly the house I wanted to create , but I did get one made.

( * ~ * )

Walk and Hike more

I did walk and hike more this past year , but it slowed down over the summer months due to ticks. Then Fall brought rain , rain and more rain , so didn't hike as much as I would've like to. I don't mind the rain , but I'm a little fearful of sliding /falling and getting hurt , so I've stayed out the woods.

Pick -up litter along the Roadside / Once a Month

I'm ashamed to say I didn't follow through on this goal either. I did pick-up litter around the driveway each time I went to the mailbox , guess that counts for something.

As I start 2010 , I'll be making new goals and keeping some of these goals too.

~ 2010 Blessings To Everyone ~



Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hey those are very realistic and doable (is that really a word). I can't wait to get dirty in my garden.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Great goals - good luck with them.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Great goals and accomplishments!!

God Bless This Years Goals!!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Us said...

I do so love your blog. I can't wait to garden in 2010. I hope to learn to make jams and jellies and all manner of good organic delights.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Us ~ So happy you posted a comment. I blooped over to your blog and enjoyed reading your post , but I can't leave a comment on your comment format. It always shows error on page and will not go through , so I hope you read this.
Your Hawaiian pizza looks deli-sh and I love the idea of up cycling those cookies.
Hope to learn how to comment on that format one day (LOL).

~ Warmest Blessings to You Both ~