Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~ Going to Grandma's (Nana) ~

I found the little suitcase in the attic a few years ago while I was getting the Christmas decorations down. It belonged to my youngest daughter when she was Curious J's age , so I brought it down and passed it along to him. He always brings it when he spends the night , it's a little worn , but well loved , makes me smile each time he comes through the door with that suitcase. Seems like yesterday that my daughter was packing that suitcase to go spend the night with her Grannies. Dh's mom bought our oldest daughter one too , he was a burnt orange color and had a little girl on the front. She couldn't find another one with a little girl , so she had to buy the suitcase with a little boy for my youngest daughter , she loved it anyway.
Curious J is growing up , he enjoys hanging out with Pa . He loves his toolbox and likes to work in Pa's shop. We did get to spend a little time outside Sunday , before it started raining again. He helped feed the chickens and got to see the roosters for the first time.While they were hanging out in the shop , I cooked a hearty breakfast. I made biscuits , Curious J loved the homemade biscuits. Watching him eat a biscuit brought back childhood memories , when I was little I loved eating my Grandma's biscuits too , she always had biscuits made and the grand kids were always snacking on cold biscuits , but they were sooo ...... good.
Do you have a favorite memory about going to Grandma's ?
~ Family Blessings ~


Bridgett said...

That suitcase is so cute!

Hmmm...I love the memories I have of making huge batches of oatmeal cookies with grandma. And her chicken n' dumplings...oh my goodness, were they good!


Lib said...

How Sweet.No better place than going to Grandma's!
MY Grandmother was a wonderful cook!
She made home made butter.She would put cream in ajar and us Grandaughters would roll it back and forth on our lap as she churned.We all made butter , for her wonderful bis. and homemade jelly. We too ate cold bis. for snacks. Cold fried pot. sands. too .I still like those.lol

Have a warm cozy day! Thanks for the memories!

JoyceAnn said...

Oh yea Bridgett , chicken n' dumplings were my favorite thing Grandma made and her delicious cakes. Sometimes we ate our biscuits with jelly or molasses Lib , but most of the time we were on the run with our biscuits , headed outside to play with all our cousins we had not seen in awhile.

Piecefulafternoon said...

The smell of baking ham brings back memories - seems we always had ham for dinner on Sundays when we went to Grandma's house.

小巨蛋 said...

Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油! .........................................

Leasmom said...

Awww, you're a wonderful mom and grandma!!!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

That suitcase is a treasure. Cute. My favorite grandma was my paternal one. She had an attic full of "junk" but they were treasures to her (and me) so I loved visiting and going up in the attic for hours and hours to play with all the stuff.

Marie S said...

My grandma made the best white milk bacon gravy in the world and biscuits.
I have never had as good since.
I miss her and those.
I am warm inside now.
What a beautiful post, thank you!