Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~ Pillowcases ~

I was visiting Lizzy Lane Farm blog and found a wonderful new use for those extra pillowcases you may have hanging around. I have several I've kept , the sheets always wear out before those pillowcases do. She was making jelly and was using an old pillowcase as a jelly bag to strain the juice. I don't have a jelly bag either and have always used cheesecloth , but I'm not a big fan of cheesecloth , it's hard to work with , folding it , trying to hold the corners and a pain to try to wash and reuse. I'm excited about using a pillowcase the next time I make jelly , I can't believe I never thought of this , such a simple concept. That's the great thing about blogging , there's always something to learn , someone sharing a tip or creative idea. You can blop over to , to checkout her pillowcase jelly bag. After reading her post I was wondering what other people use their old pillowcases for , so I googled to find out.
I do use old pillowcases for other things , such as laundry bags. I've been washing the Grands stuffed toys in pillowcases , they work great for that. I also use a pillowcase (t-shirt style , pictured above) to dry my greens , just wash your lettuce , spinach or other greens and toss them in the pillowcase and shake , set aside and the pillowcase will absorb the water.

Here are some great ways to reuse pillowcases ............

~ Store your winter sweaters in a pillowcase or cut a hole in the top and slip over clothes to use as a garment bag . You can cover leather goods , such as purses , shoes or jackets to keep the dust off .

~ Fold your sheet sets and store inside one of the pillowcases.

~ Use a pillowcase to cover your sewing machine or other small appliances.

~ Use as cushion covers , I've used them to cover cushions for my rocking chairs on the front porch.

~ Use white pillowcases to cover baby's changing table , very frugal idea.

~ Cover small plants or herbs on those early/late season frosty nights. Another garden tip I love , use them to haul your harvest. I'll be using one come garden season , they'll work great for corn.

~ Use a pillowcase for dusting and cleaning ceiling fan blades. Just slip over blade and gather to pull dust into bag , then you can put the pillowcase over your broom and clean the cobwebs , protects your paint.
While you're cleaning , shine that silverware with a clean 100% cotton pillowcase.
~Pack a pillowcase like a hobo bag for your child's overnight sleepover.
~ Use a pillowcase for your dirty laundry when you're traveling.

~ Use pillowcases to wash delicates and stuffed animals. Use as a dryer bag for those stuffed animals too.

~ Use as wrapping paper for those odd shaped gifts , just put gift inside and tie with beautiful ribbon.

There are some wonderful ways to re purpose pillowcases too ....... Check-out the Farm Chicks blog to see her reusable bag made from a vintage sheet.

More ways to re purpose pillowcases ................

~ Make an Apron

~ Make cafe curtains

~ Make a child's dress

~ Make a child's art smock , just cut a hole for the head and arms , so

~ Make napkins
~ Make reusable bags

What do you use your old pillowcases for , are there any ideas you would like to share ?

~ Greenest Blessings ~


Lib said...

Love this Post, I'm all for reusing, reducing,recycling!
My Grandmother always used a pillow case for jelly making.
An Aunt used one for rolling her bis. out .(of course thats all she used it for.) I'd never seen that one before or since.
Thanks for the site I'll check it out!
Thanks so much for your prayers!

Jennifer said...

Hi, I saw that someone visited my blog from this one so I wanted to stop by for a visit. I am so glad I did, what a great post and some really cool ideas! I would not have thought of many of those, though I did use a pillow case once to relocate a snake! LOL. Lots of uses for them!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

WOW, so many uses for a pillow case. Thanks for the list. That is so true - how we accumulate pillow cases.

Leasmom said...

Lea and her friends used a pillow case for Halloween candy. I grew up in Detroit so Halloween was the day after you survived through Devils Night with the fires all over so we didn't trick or treat-lol. So, it was just too funny to me to see her and her friends walking around with pillowcases getting candy.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Great ideas!!

I've made dresses and a pair of child size pants out of pillowcases. Used them for landry and storing material straps.

I've put the sheets in them till
I learned from a dsil how to fold
sheet another way to store that I like much better.

I'd like to make a purse. I've
seen a tut on how to make a really neat lunch box out of them. It's on Oh Frasson's site.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful post !! This is very informative and useful !! Thanks for sharing..

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Lib ~ Using a pillowcase to roll biscuits out on , that's definitely original and it probably works great.

Hi Jennifer ~ Thanks for dropping by , relocating a snake , now that's an original idea too.

Hi Vickie ~ Hope all is well with you. Glad you enjoyed the list , hope you found something you can use those pillowcases for.

Hi Patrice ~ Trick -or- treat bags are a great use for pillowcases too.

Hi Flassie ~ I remember those wonderful little dresses you made , they were beautiful.

Jeanne said...

So many great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Bridgett said...

All excellent ideas! Thank you!