Wednesday, May 06, 2009

~ In the Garden ~

The garden is growing quite nicely , so are the weeds. I fertilized the garlic last week and have been weeding it this week. Monday I had a visitor come through the garden , Mr. Kong the sneaky snake. He went back to the woods , hope he stays there. I really don't want to mess with him , but if he ends up in the chicken coop , he'll have to go. The potatoes have sprouted and took a good growth.

Remember the seeds I started awhile back , the kitty laid on the lettuce plants and ruined them. My brussel sprouts and broccoli didn't do so well either , so I moved them outside. The brussel sprouts died and the broccoli was still looking terrible. Easter weekend I sat the broccoli plants out on the deck by the pool , I was planning to dump them in the compost bin the next week. But they started looking better , the stems were looking stronger but still tiny. The following Monday I planted them with some other broccoli plants we had bought , they have grew and are almost as large as the other broccoli. The broccoli that is mulched is the broccoli we bought , the other pic shows the broccoli I grew from seeds. I need to mulch them when it stops raining.

The last few times I've worked in the garden , there has been a wonderful smell wafting through the air , I finally figured out what smelt so heavenly , they're wild roses. I've never really paid attention to the area they're growing in , they're in the edge of the woods and running up in the trees. It's a small white rose , my wildflower guide said they're called , Rosa multiflora. I'm going to dry some of the blooms for potpourri , they'll look good mixed with my dried violets.

Sooo ..... How does your garden grow ?

~ Green Blessings ~



Vickie LeBlanc said...

Garden looks great. Is that your garlic? sure looks green and healthy. I love homegrown garlic.

JoyceAnn said...

Yes Vickie , that's our garlic. It has grown very well , we've had lots of rain.

~ Blessings ~