Tuesday, June 16, 2009

* Doing Not Thinking Challenge *

~ The top of the refrigerator is clean ~

~ Put silverware in smaller drawer and moved cooking utensils to a larger drawer ~

I haven't did so well with the challenge this time round , life's been sooo busy. I did clean and reorganize a few utensil drawers in the kitchen last week. I also decluttered and clean the top of the refrigerator , it's amazing how much clutter gathers on top of the refrigerator. I hope I'll have time this week to get more decluttering and cleaning done. I'm planning to get Dh to add some shelves along the top of 2 walls to put my chicken collection on , I want to get them off the windowsills.
~ Blessings ~


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Looks clean and tidy to me. I have a collection on top of my fridge - dust !

JoyceAnn said...

Vickie ,
I didn't take a before photo , I had a collection of clutter and dust up there.

~ Blessings ~