Monday, September 14, 2009

~ Grandparent's Day ~

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day , the girls brought the Grands over for a visit last night. Curious J and Little Froggy painted a picture for us , their Mom tried to get them to do a hand print , but they wanted to paint , so you have to look very closely to see a hand print (LOL). Curious J picked me a small bouquet of flowers , they look lovely in this old medicine bottle. We also received a watercolor painting , a beautiful card and they bought our supper.
Little Missy and Little Tree have a card for us , but they forgot to bring it , due to an unfortunate accident. My daughter hit another deer last night , she hit one back in March this year too. I'm just Thankful they're safe and weren't hurt. It was a Wonderful Blessed evening , hope you had a Wonderful Grandparent's Day too.

~ Family Blessings ~



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Anonymous said...

Wonderul post. Thanks for sharing with us! :) Grandparents mean so much!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Angela ~ Happy you stopped by , hope all is well with you.

~ Blessings ~