Wednesday, October 07, 2009

~ October Blog Party ~

Today marks the first full week of the " October Blog Party " , thought I would take the time to update about the activities I've done this past week ..........................................

Oct 1st ~ I started the month by adding a primitive Halloween background to my blog and heading out to the local county fair to see my grandson's " Fall Tree ".

Oct 2nd ~ Made an art trading card , called " Spirit ".

Oct 3rd ~ I gathered herbal wildflowers to make a flower arrangement for the kitchen table. I also took time that night to enjoy viewing the harvest moon , it was absolutely enthralling. Glad I did , it was cloudy on Sunday.

Oct. 4th ~ Dug the Fall & Halloween decorations out and started decorating the front porch.

Oct 5th ~ Made pot-pourri to celebrate harvest time , used , apple peelings , herbs , lemon and orange rinds , small fir cones and pine cone petals. I added green apple and lemon oils for the scent , smells like Autumn.

Oct 6th ~ There were two beautiful spiderwebs outside the front porch yesterday morning, so I grabbed the camera and took photos of them. The camera fogged up in the misting rain and gave the web a very eerie look , perfect for the month of Oct. , I think the photo looks wonderful with the sepia effect. I also cooked homemade chili beans and jalapeno cornbread , yummo.

Oct 7th ~ I read the grand kids a book called " The Haunted House ". I found this little board book at a thrift store a few years ago , it's great for toddlers. They enjoyed being spooked a little !
~ Autumn Blessings To All ~


Leasmom said...

That looks so cute and can you share your recipe for the chili and cornbread?

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Everything is so nice JoyceAnn. Cornbread looks soooooo delicious, makes my mouth water just by looking at it.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Patrice ~ I'll post the recipes later today. I use what I have on hand , so it's pretty frugal. Although my hubby's a big meat eater , so I add lots of ground beef.

Hi Vickie ~ The cornbread was delish , I haven't had any in a long time. Hope all is well with you.

~ October Blessings ~