Thursday, October 29, 2009

~ October Blog Party ~

On Oct 22nd ~ We enjoyed potato soup for lunch and sat outside watching the leaves fall later , it was a very peaceful day.

On Oct 23rd ~ Enjoyed the " Indian Summer " weather , it was a gorgeous day. I added a few more decorations and started planning my Samhain altar. Pictured above is a vintage chalkware witch I found a few years ago at a thrift store and my salt lamp sitting next to her. My batteries are very weak and taking awful pics , so I altered it to a black & white photo , it looks better that way.

On Oct 24th ~ I hosted the " Haunted Blog Tour " for Mrs. B's " 31 Days of Halloween ". I also popped some of the popcorn we grew this year , it taste good , but seems a little tough. I think the drought conditions probably caused the toughness.

On Oct 25th ~ I'm not a big fan of horror movies , but I watched Stephen King's " Desperation " and made it through the whole movie. I think I was "Desperate " to do something for the " October Blog Party " (LOL).

On Oct. 26 th ~ Harvested the last of the jalapeno and bell peppers from the garden. Blogged about " Falling Leaves " , found a few more leaf art projects I want to try. Made a Soul Collage card , it ended up being about " Harvest Time ".

On Oct. 27th ~ Little Froggy and I went on a nature walk , we collected leaves , squirrel chewed pine cones , a feather and 2 rocks. The " Scaredy Cat " soap that I won in a giveaway arrived today , it's cute as can be , love the kitty arched on top on the jack-o-lantern.

On Oct 28th ~ Made blood splattered candle holders , found the idea on Mrs. B's website , they look pretty gruesome , that's for sure. I'll take a pic as soon I get new batteries , didn't get to town last weekend as planned and the batteries are totally dead.

There's some wonderful giveaways going on at Mrs. B's today , you might want to blop over there and check them out (

~ Beautiful Orange & Black Beaded Earrings by Native Dawn ~

~ 8 x 10 Digital Art Print by Angelique Art ~

~ Up-cycled Magnets by Picard Creative ~

~ Happy October Blog Party ~

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