Monday, December 28, 2009

~ Simple Old Fashion Toys ~

The holiday gift exchanges are finally over , so now I can share some of the fun things I found for the Grands and the other kids on my list. I didn't want to post about them before Christmas , because I was afraid they would see them on my blog. I ordered most of their toys from Lehman's ~ ~, they were " Made in the U.S.A. " , well constructed and lead free toys. The toddlers got lacing beads , remember the wooden blocks with holes that you thread onto a string , they were a hit with Little Froggy and Little Missy. Little T got a wooden pull along toy that has a wooden block that sits on top the wheels and flips as you pull it. He didn't want to pull it , but he sure enjoyed trying to eat the red block that sits on top (LOL). We got Curious J a tool box with a few real tools so he can work in the shop with Pa , he loved that. I also ordered solid maple wooden yo-yo's for my nephews and Curious J.
I found some great finger puppet sets on Esty for all my young nieces and Little Missy. I also made them recycled crayons and bought them a coloring book . The younger boys got pull back action trucks from Lehman's and recycled crayons/coloring book too. I have to say they weren't as excited with these gifts as the colorful plastic , battery powered toys they received , but after the batteries die and they're tired of those toys , experience tells me these old fashioned toys are the ones that truly get used the most in the end.

Hope you found time for some old fashioned fun during Christmas !

~ Be Blessed ~


Jeanne said...

What wonderful finds! I can remember my kids playing with these great imagination expanding toys. :0) They are timeless.
I have bookmarked Lehmans. Thank you for the link.

Lib said...

How WOnderful! I Love an old Fashion Simple Christmas!
Happy New Yr.