Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 Eggs ??

from 8 hens , how did that happen ? I got a surprise when I went to gather the eggs yesterday. There were 8 eggs in one nest and 2 in the other nest , but one of those eggs is a plastic egg that I keep in the nest. But there were 9 eggs , apparently Ms. Iris the hen that lays white eggs laid an egg Tuesday night or she had her egg hid under the straw when I gathered them the day before , 2 of the eggs were white.

I did a little gardening yesterday , the spinach bolted a couple of weeks ago and the leaf lettuce was drying up. I pulled it out of the small garden bed and fed what was left to the chickens. I planted a small patch of leaf lettuce and cilantro , then added a Tommy Toe tomato plant and some basil. I hope it will be dry enough to get some seeds and plants planted in the main garden tomorrow. The weather has been strange this year , lots of rain and moisture in March , very hot and dry in April and the first two weeks of May. Then came the heavy rains , so it's to wet to plant the main garden.

As I was working on the garden bed , I let the goats out to roam for a little while. They don't stray very far from their lot , but they did follow me , then they spotted Lilly Belle aka Fairy Bell. They started creeping forward , trying to get close but not to close. It was cute , they didn't know what to think about her. Curious J has been calling the cat formerly known as Lilly Belle , Fairy Bell. He has away of renaming the critters , he just starts calling them by the name he likes , until the name sticks . I've told him a few times her name was Lilly Belle , but he insist on calling her Fairy Bell , so Fairy Bell it will be from now on (LOL).

Thank-you all for the wonderful comments you left on yesterday's post , he was a special friend ~ kinda like a brother. The dream left me feeling weary and sad , your comments helped make the day a little better.

~ Many Blessings ~



Piecefulafternoon said...

We have had such chilly temperatures that nothing is growing in the garden - we had wonderful weather in Feb and March and now it seems like winter again almost -rain rain rain and cold. I want some sunshine.

Cute story about the animals names.

Lisa said...

I hope you get to plant when you want. I just love the pictures of your place. Very peaceful. I'm really sorry about your friend. ♥

Callie said...

Sneaky chickens! I think there are some very late layers or they hide the eggs in the straw. Goats are such fun. I love the name, Fairy Bell.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

A plastic egg in the nest, why ? I have to know about these things now that I'll have 6 laying hens in a few months. I'll get a plastic egg too. Unpredictable weather here also. It was soooooo beautiful in April.

Peggy said...

Love seeing the wee goaties! They are adorable. Hope your garden brings you lots of canning and freezing in your future. :) Have a blessed Memorial weekend

Anonymous said...

The eggs look so nice. I miss having chickens...

JoyceAnn said...

Hi JoAnn ~ Hope you get warmer weather soon , it's been a roller coaster weather pattern here too.

Thanks , Lisa !

Hi Callie ~ Yep , she's pretty sneaky !

Hi Vickie ~ I keep the egg in the nest for a couple of reasons. Hens love to lay were there's an egg already , so they usually lay in box I have the plastic egg. When we first got our hens , I placed it in the box so they would know were to lay , after we got the new hens , I placed it in the other nesting box so they would lay there too , instead of using the one nesting box. It worked like a charm. I also hope the plastic egg will take care of sneaky snakes that decide to enter the coop. I don't like to kill snakes , but they're game if they start stealing my eggs or scare me.

Hi Patrice ~ Wish we lived closer , I'd share some eggs with you. We have a surplus right now , need to start selling some.

~ Blessings To All ~