Wednesday, May 05, 2010

~ Happenings Around The Farmette ~

Jazz and Jo are doing well , eating and playing all day just like kids. Joy has became known as Jo , the name just flows better.

We decided to build the goat shed off the backside of the chicken coop.

We used recycled boards for the siding.

The goat shed is completed , we haven't started the fencing since we've had so much going on. Hope to get the fencing completed this weekend.

The hens are laying well , we're getting 8 or 9 eggs almost everyday.

The herb bed has been cleaned and I planted several new herbs , some of the plants growing outside the bed are wild herbs , so I let them continue growing.

I've been gathering , cooking and drying several wild herbs. Also trying to i.d. new plants I've discovered , more about this tomorrow.

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring's bounty !

~ Green Blessings ~


frugalgravy said...

Oh that was a great ideal to make the housing for the goats! And I sure miss my chickens esp. when I see your eggs. I was told that Fort Wayne allows Pet chickens so I hope to have some next year if thats true.

Peggy said...

I enjoyed seeing the photos of all your projects. The goats are going to love their new house and that herb garden is beautiful

Marie S said...

Your kids are getting fatter, they look very healthy.
Wow, look at all those eggs.
Your herb garden is gorgeous. I love the rock around like that.
What a beautiful place to be.
I am so sorry about your friend!
My heart goes out to you and the family.
Have a great week.
Love and healing hugs.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

The shed turned out great!

The eggs look yummy.

The goats are so cute.

Lovely Herb Bed.

I am trying to id some plants
also. Stinging Nettles is one.

In one of the links you have
a lady posted a video of a
Dandelion Festival. I am so
happy I watched it. She had
mentioned a Dandelion Cookbook.
I've been looking for one.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Have you ever harvested Cleavers?

Callie said...

Wow! I love that goat shed! And the herb garden is so pretty. (I need more rocks.) Very nice egg basket! Looks like Spring has come to stay at your place. Enjoy!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Love the new digs for the goats. But I especially love the basket of eggs.... oh, look at those blue ones. We are getting our 6 little chicks on the 14th. Hopefully later in the year we'll have six eggs a day.

julie mitchell said...

What a great blog....enjoyable and informative. Thanks for sharing...
Love the name Feather Spirits...I used to have a little art gallery called Feather Moon where I sold my Spirit Figures...hug, hug