Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~ Yummo Cherry Topping ~

My sister-in-law brought me some cherries this weekend , she and her boyfriend picked them from her boyfriend's grandmother's tree. Yesterday I attempted to make cherry jam , but I got ahead of myself and added the sugar to the cherries first. You're suppose to add the sur-gel first , boil 1 minute , then add sugar and boil again for 1 minute. Since I added the sugar first , it didn't gel , so now we have cherry ice cream or pancake topping (LOL). But I'm not about to let it go to waste after all that work , it takes time to pit cherries , chop them and go through the canning process plus wash up everything you use to process it. We may get some more cherries this week , next time I'll think before I leap (LOL).

~ Cherry Blessings ~


Piecefulafternoon said...

When life hands you cherries - make cherry topping - or something like that. LOL Sounds great to me.

My very favorite jam is cherry preserves - I haven't made any for a long time - maybe this year. I have to make pickle relish too - the stuff from the store is just too sweet and I like that I can control exactly what goes into things when I can them myself.

Callie said...

Jam may be great, but I think having cherry topping sounds like an even bigger treat. I think I would rather have the topping. Those are beautiful cherries.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I would love to find me a nice cherry tree... I miss having one around... I will never forget a wild tree I found while picking sand plums once... made the best jelly...

Marie S said...

I have drool all over my keyboard.
I love cherries.
This look divine and I can think of tons of things to eat it on!
What a job though.