Monday, May 10, 2010

~ ~ Mother's Day Herbal Hike ~ ~

My gift to myself on Mother's Day was a hike through the woods and nature was feeling the " Love ". I saw a tree with this heart shaped hole , although it was upside down , with a little rotating of the photo , you can see it's form. If you look below the hole , you can see what appears to look like another heart etched into the tree.

As I strolled on I found this vine with heart shaped leaves , I believe it is a wild potato-vine. I'll be watching for the blooms to see if I can make a positive i.d. soon.

Shadow went along with me on the hike , he enjoyed the stream and found an herb to enjoy himself. He's eating some grass that grows along the bank of the stream.

The Jack-in-the pulpits are blooming , I found several patches of them.

Shadow got a whiff of something and started digging in this spot , but he gave up and moved on quickly.

The Oregon grape has fruits that are ripening. You can read about this plant here , if you're interested ~ ~ .

I'm not sure what this plant is , plan to watch it and see if it blooms.
Does anyone else know what it is ?

False Solomon Seal

A beautiful Jack-in-the-Pulpit , this plant was in a sunny location and about knee high tall.

This is why it smells so delightful around here , the blackberries , honeysuckle and multiflora roses are blooming.

And remember this plant ..............................
Thanks to Flassie , the plant has been identified , it's a Carolina Geranium also known as Crane's Bill because of it's fruit.
This photo shows the Crane's Bill , Thanks Flassie !!
Hope Everyone had a Great Mother's Day !

~ Green Blessings ~


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Your most welcome!!
Glad I was able to
help out in the id
of the plant.

Beautiful Hike! So fun to
find the hearts!!

I don't know about the plant.
Not sure if I seen it b/4. I
will keep my eyes open though.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I only see little hairs on
the branches and no thorns.

Now I wonder if it is Hawthron
or not. I'll have to read up
on it more to find out.

Lib said...

Beautiful hiking photos.Thanks for sharing!
We're having blacckberry winter here.
Have agreat wk.

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely walk in the woods - fabulous plants to see. I think the Cranesbill is what we called Scissor Plant as kids. If it is not the same thing, it is a close relative. We would pick two of the "bills" - put a little slit in one just under the bulby end - slip the other 'bill" through the slit and there you have - little green scissors. We never tired of doing it - my kids did it also. And of course after you make one you have to show someone - see my scissors.

Peggy said...

I am so happy to know what that plant is. I loved going on the walk with you. Your photos are beautiful

judie said...

I enjoyed hiking with you and Shadow her, JoyceAnn. Brings back memories. When I lived in NC, I had a grapevine on a fence, and wild raspberries down by the creek, altho after a few pickings I found out the coral snakes liked to slither thru them so I gave up wild raspberry pie. Scaredy cat me! xoxo

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Flassie ~ Thanks , again. I wonder if the bush/tree is to young and it hasn't developed the thorns yet.

Hi Lib ~ We've had a blackberry winter here the last few days also.

Hi JoAnn ~ Sounds like the same plant , enjoyed reading your story about making the scissors from those bills.

Thanks , Peggy !

Hi Judie ~ Happy to hear from you ! I always look for snakes while picking berries , but the only snakes I've ever seen climbing around in the bushes or small trees are green snakes. I just move on if I see one. But you do have to watch were you step too.

~ Blessings to You ALL ~

frugalgravy said...

Wow, thats really nice. What a great walk and such beautiful variety.