Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Missing Hen and those Quirky Guineas ................

It was late , night before last when I went out to feed and shut the chickens up for the night. It was dark in the chicken coop , so I didn't do a head count like I normally do. Yesterday morning when I opened the coop door , everyone came out but Ms. June. I looked around for her , but she wasn't anywhere to be found. I guess the hawk I saw last week may have got her , since she's been molting , she has been staying off to herself a lot. Last Thursday we had freezing rain all day , I happened to walk out on the back porch sometime that day and I saw a red-tailed hawk fly up through the trees , out toward the coop. I think he has been watching the keets , waiting for them to come out of their pen. That's why I plan to keep them caged until spring. She would have been easy prey for the hawk , since she was alone and practically featherless.
I told you last week about the guineas roosting in the coop at night since it's been cold , but I didn't tell you about them staying outside and roosting in the trees every time the weatherman has predicted freezing rain , rain , sleet or snow. But they have , the last 3 Saturdays they have roosted outside when the weatherman predicted bad weather , they also roosted outside last week when we had the freezing rain. They've stayed in the coop on cold and dry nights. Those birds sure are quirky ( LOL ).

~ Be Blessed ~


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Ms. June. It seems like I would always have one hen that would not want to come in. That never ends well for the chicken.


Lib said...

So sorry to hear about Ms. June!
Have a Blessed day!

AkasaWolfSong said...

So sorry about your Ms. June...

And roosting outside in inclement weather I think is probably instinctual for them? As humans of course we'd say they are bird-brained, lol.

Well anyway, I hope you don't lose any more!

Many Blessings!