Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scenes From Christmas Day ...........................

I was slack this year and put up 2 small trees instead of the large one. With Curious J and Little Froggy being sick two weeks before Christmas , I was busy taking care of them and the critters. By the end of each day I just didn't feel like getting the big tree out and hauling decorations out of the attic , so I decided a small one would do.

Meet Mojo , he's the kitty that was under the tree in an earlier post. He's my youngest daughter's cat , when she was a kid , she loved to crawl up under the tree and nap too. Christmas morning started with feeding Buddy , Mojo and Fairy Bell their traditional Christmas tuna breakfast.

Shadow looks a bit bewildered , I think he was afraid .....................

Ms. Jade would take his pig ear , but she got her own pig ear for Christmas (LOL).

The chickens and guineas had sunflower seeds for Christmas breakfast. I had carrots for the goats , but they didn't like them. So , they got a little extra sweet feed.

Then Pa and I hiked through the woods and over the creek to my oldest daughter's home for brunch and to see what Santa brought the grands.

Little Missy shows off her driving skills for Pa ..........

and Little Time wasn't about to be out done.

We went over to my youngest daughter's later to see what Santa brought the boys. Santa was good to them too , but I didn't get pics, Little Froggy still wasn't feeling well and Curious J was busy playing his new video game.

But they came over for supper last night and Little Froggy was feeling a little better.

Curious J wasn't thrilled with his gift. Since he loves playing video games now , I got him an educational game to help him with his spelling. Pa ask him if he liked his gift , he answered , yes , but not really (LOL). I hope he'll like it when he realizes he can play games with his spelling words. He did like his Sponge Bob coloring book though.

It started snowing while they were here , we haven't had a white Christmas since 1947 the weatherman said , so it was pretty exciting to see snow falling on Christmas night.
Hope You All had a Wonderful Christmas !!
~ Be Blessed ~


Anonymous said...

It looks like such a wonderful day!


Lib said...

Looks like a fun Christmas!
Did ya'll get snow? We did had more last night and today.
Im ready for
Have aGreat wk.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Very nice. We had a green christmas here at the ''north pole'' (he he he). We usually have snow before, during and after christmas.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Looks like a great day!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Poor babes! I hate it when they are sick! I am glad they are feeling better. Good for you that you took it easy on yourself!

Loved the shared pictures JoyceAnn...that peppermint candle looks good enough to eat, lol!

Now on to the New Year! :)
xoxo and Blessings!