Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year !!

Wishing everyone a peaceful and blessed NEW YEAR !
We had a small family get together last night to watch the ball drop.
Pictured above are my 2 daughters and Curious J in the pink furry hat , this picture was taken as the ball was dropping.
I'm on my way to my Momma's house for the traditional New Year dinner.

Happy New Year !!


Lisa said...

Love the pink fuzzy Happy New Year. Oh, and the ornament is so pretty and the story that goes with it is perfect. :)

Janet said...

That pink fuzzy hat is great! Looks like everyone had a Happy New Year.

The hummingbird ornament is so pretty, and I love how it came together. That will be one to keep and treasure for the memories it holds.

P.S. I'm glad you're doing the photo thing. The more the merrier!!