Thursday, January 25, 2007

Updates and Moving on !

I finally feel like posting . My Aunt Beulah is home and doing well after her surgery . Beulah is my mom's baby sister . We are very close , she is only a couple of years older than me.

My mom's oldest brother had hernia surgery on Friday , while his sister was having the bypass surgery .They are both doing well and I am very thankful for that.

My daughter has had a really difficult time dealing with her friends death . We have known her since she was a baby , her mom and I worked together when they were babies and now these young ladies worked together as adults . She has 2 young sons , they have different fathers and will be separated , the oldest is going to live with his Dad , the youngest will live with her Mom . My daugther is very distraught over the arrangement with the children , because she knows their mother would want them to be together . But , legally this can't be.

The world can be so difficult sometimes .I pray these children will be o.k.

I have been working on the Frida swap . I've got the Frida movie , I plan to watch this weekend . I love Salma Hayek , she has a bubbly spirit and hopefully it will lift mine . I'm enjoying learning about this artist , there is something about her that touches me and I can relate to.
Although I haven't figured out what it is yet .

I'm behind on my 365 Days of Nature , last week I just couldn't get motivated with so much going on . Hoping to catch up this week .
The drawing I posted was something I did awhile back . The lady is wearing a peace sign necklace and wrapped in a blanket , I was trying out the new watercolor pencils I got for christmas .
Thanks for your comments , they were heartfelt . May each one of you be blessed in a special way !


Pam Aries said...

hi JoyceAnn! I am so glad to see you are back..I kept checking in! I love your drawing! You have been going through a tough time! It really pains me that the 2 children are going to different homes. I know how I would feel if my PETS had to go to different homes! geeze! My thoughts are with you! I loved the movie FRIDA..I think you will also!

Janet said...

It's good to see you back in Blogland. I'm happy to hear your aunt and your uncle are doing better.
That's such a sad thing to happen to that young woman's children. It's bad enough they've lost their mom but now they will be separated. That has to be traumatic for them.

The drawing is cool!! I'm so behind on my photos that I've just quit posting them!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I have been checking constantly to see if you were back. I am glad both surgeries went well for both.
My heart is so sad for your daughters and your pain - and the horrible separation of the children. This is so not the time to further traumatize sad.
you will definitely love the movie.

judie said...

Finally, you are back! Good to know things are somewhat better. My Aunt Beulah is the oldest (99) of three girls, and the only one left! Strong lady! Must be the name, huh?