Monday, May 12, 2008

International Compost Awareness Week

This week is International Compost
Awareness Week. I started composting about this time last year. I used my first batch of compost when I planted my garlic back in the Fall. The smell of the first compost won me over , it was sweet smelling and looked so dark and rich. Composting takes care of my food waste , leaves , grass clippings and vacum cleaner bags , full of dirt . Composting can be intimidating , but it shouldn't be , nature does it naturally and will help you complete the task , even when you don't have the correct balance of greens and browns. It may take more time but eventually , you'll have beautiful sweet smelling compost too. I didn't add manure to my first batch of compost , but I've added a rabbit to my homestead now to provide manure for my compost . I hope to have chickens in the next couple of weeks , their manure will be added too.

I'm also trying vermicomposting with red wriggler worms. Why should we buy fertilizers , when nature provides it practically ~ Free ~.

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