Thursday, July 10, 2008

* Deer Tracks ~ Hot Okra ~ Snorting *

We had another storm yesterday , before I could get to the garden. So I didn't get to check the garden. I was up bright and early today , had to see how much damage was done. It actually fared well , a few stalks of corn were down. When I got to the okra , I saw these deer tracks ...................
Monday I spent time in the garden doing organic pest control and it seemed to have saved the okra this time.
I placed hot red peppers on the stems that had been eaten the last time. I just broke the stem off the peppers and stuck them down on the leafless stems of the okra.
It appeared they had got a bite , and moved on. As I was checking the garden I heard snorts coming from the woods , I guess my deer friends aren't to happy with me. The first plant was missing the peppers and leaves , but the rest of the row looked untouched. I was afraid the rain had knocked the peppers off , that happened last week , but I had laid the peppers on top of the leaves . Sticking the pepper pods on the stems was more effective.
The japanese beetles have made their appearance , they like the corn. I hung this trap on Monday and it seems to be working . I have never used a trap and wasn't sure it would work. What do you do to control japanese beetles ?
Does anybody make their own traps ?

Well I'm back to the kitchen today , still need to cutup those bell peppers. I didn't get them done yesterday. I did get 3 pints of the hot peppers pickled and made some squash for the babies. I also snapped some green beans , plan to stir~fry them today.

Still , no word about my cousin. Will give an update as soon as he is found. Thanks for your Prayers , Thoughts and Well Wishes.

~ Blessings ~

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Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Like the hot pepper idea.
We haven't had trouble with J.B. in yrs. and can't remember what we used to get rid of them .
So the deers snorting at you huh?lol Not funny when they eat up the garden tho!
Have a great day!