Wednesday, July 09, 2008

~ Mother Nature's Fury ~

Monday night we spent time in the garden , a storm on Sunday night blew the corn down. We stood it back up , packed the dirt around them and pulled dirt to them , they looked pretty good yesterday. My hubby and I also staked the peppers and had to fix the trellis for the spaghetti squash. I had cages around the tomatoes , so they fared pretty well. Last night Mother Nature made a return with her fury. We have some more corn down , but hopefully everything else is o.k.
I did get 4 quarts of banana pepper rings processed yesterday , before the storm. We lost power for a few hours , so I didn't get to pickle the other peppers or freeze any. So back to the garden we'll go this afternoon , we may have to stake the corn. They have some nice ears coming along and are heavy , the least bit of wind will keep bringing them down. They're forecasting stormy weather everyday this week. I have both of the grandbabies today , so I won't get much done until this afternoon.
I haven't talked to my Aunt today , but as of lastnight he still hadn't been found. They have talked with his friends , but Flassie you're right , there maybe someone they don't know about. They are following some leads , so please keep the positive thoughts and prayers going. Thanks for your concern , it means so much to me.
~~ Blessings ~~ JoyceAnn

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Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
THose pepper rings sure are pretty!:o)
Hope Mama Nature is kind to you garden the next go around!
Still praying here.
Have a great evening/night!