Monday, July 28, 2008

~ Restful Weekend ~

Saturday , I picked all the corn and froze 30 more ears. With the corn out of the way , I decided to take the rest of the weekend off. We went to the cook-out for my Son-in Law's Mother and enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday morning I cooked a southern style breakfast. We had homemade biscuits , local made sausage , milky gravy and sliced tomatoes. I sliced up our first homestead tomatoe that had ripened and another local grown tomatoe that was given to us , they were sooo good ....... Hopefully we'll be getting plenty of homegrown tomatoes soon.The blackberry jelly in those biscuits was delicious , I don't make biscuits often , so they were a real treat.

After breakfast , I did the dishes and decided it was a day to lounge by the pool and rest , so that's what I did.
Last night I made a stir-fry of banana peppers , onions and squash. We had leftover bbq chicken , chops and burgers from the cook-out. I cut up some roma tomaotes , cucumbers and bell pepper strips and we had vinegar over them. Simple meal , but good.

So , it was a very restful weekend. Today I'll be back in the kitchen , I have another batch of blackberry jelly to make. A friend brought my daughter some blueberries and we will be making some jam from those tomorrow.

We're getting together today for another birthday celebration for my Aunt. I'm making stuffed banana peppers , boiled new potatoes and unsweet tea .I plan to make her a card and gift her with some blackberry jelly.

Hope your weekend was ~ Restful and Blessed ~ !

~ Blessings ~

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Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Glad you had a restful wk.end!
We had our first homegrown tom. from our garden also.We had BLT's.
Now and then we have a big country breakfast. We like a slice of toms. on our bis.I like tom. gravy.
Hope you have a great wk.
Happy canning,cooking and freezing your food.:o)