Monday, August 17, 2009

~ And the Harvest Continues ~

I'm still busy preserving the harvest , last week we canned a few jars of applesauce , with apples a friend had sent to me and my sil. I'm teaching her how to can , her applesauce is thin and I made mine chunky , I like it with bits of apple chunks.We're planning to get more apples this week , her bf's Grandmother has apple trees and they no longer preserve them. We plan to make more applesauce , a few jars of jelly and I want to dry some apple slices with cinnamon.

I made 6 ~ 1/2 pints of peach jelly , but it didn't set , so I tried to redo it using the sure-gell method , the test jar did well. But , when I did the whole batch it didn't. I'm debating on trying it again , not sure if I should. Anyone else ever tried a 3rd time (LOL) , I don't give up easily.

Saturday I canned 14 qts of potatoes , still have small ones I need to can sometime this week. But the tomatoes have finally started ripening , I have quite a few of those I need to do something with. I'll probably make more salsa , we never seem to have enough salsa. The dried tomatoes turned out well , so I'll be drying somemore tomatoes too.

I've got to harvest the popcorn and still have garlic that needs cleaning , so much to do and never enough time it seems , but I keep at it , knowing it will get done and the pantry will be well stocked this winter. You just can't beat that homegrown goodness in a jar , except when it's fresh from the garden.

So , How's your harvest going ?

~ Harvest Blessings ~


Katie said...

If it doesn't set in my house, its syrup or ice cream topping ;) and it was supposed to be that way. Haha!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Kathie ~ peach ice cream topping does sound delish , may reconsider that thought (LOL).

~ Blessings ~

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Icecream topping sounds really good!!

Apple Butter is my favorite
besides Homeade Applesauce!!

I have an old letter that was sent to a lady whom lived to be 99 yrs old who picked her own apples and ate applesauce everyday.

Maybe that is one of the keys to
long life!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!