Friday, August 07, 2009

The Guinea eggs are .............

hatching , Saturday 2 of the eggs I placed under the hen hatched. I removed the keets Sunday and put them in with the other 2 , so far they're doing fine. Sunday night I had another guinea that didn't show up to roost , so I thought we had another nest somewhere. Monday morning she was back with the rest of the gang to eat breakfast , but didn't come to roost that night. So Tuesday I tried to watch and see were she went , but she disappeared again when I wasn't looking. Later I decided to check on the other Guinea to see if she was o.k. , as I pulled back an old tire I had placed in front of her nest , I got a big surprise ........... there were 2 guinea sitting on the nest. I tried to get a pic , but the one in front jumped up and headed for the back exit , you can see the backside of her in the pic. The other guinea didn't move , I believe she was the one that had been sitting for so long , she is used to me checking on her everyday. As the pic shows the eggs are spilling out from under the guinea and you can see a baby keet in there too. There are so many eggs I think the Momma guinea called for help to keep the eggs and the baby keet warm. I always thought all the eggs would hatch at one time , but I'm learning that's not the way it happens , they hatch days apart. I'm marking my calendar to see how long the eggs keep hatching.

Update ..... I started this post yesterday , but didn't get to finish it , as I had the 3 youngest grands all day. I went to check on the guinea nest in the afternoon and the baby keet was dead. I plan to take all the eggs as soon as I catch her off the nest again and place them under the hen. It's so much easier to let the the hen hatch them and remove the baby keets from her.

~ Many Blessings ~



Char said...

I'm really enjoying your updates on the keets and your gardening. Thanks!!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

ahwwwwI hate that the baby keet died! Good luch with the rest!
Hubby is building our chicken coop today and I'm so excited about getting my own chickens!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Char ~ I got my guineas last Nov. , it's a learning adventure for me. They're great pest control if you have a problem with japanese beetles or ticks.

Hi Carol ~ The only thing I regret about my hens is , I didn't get them years ago. They're sweet birds , I know you'll enjoy having them too.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

So sorry about the little keet!!

Thanks for the comment about the
pillowcase dresses.

God Bless You and Yours!!!