Thursday, August 13, 2009

~ The Missing Guinea Keets ~

Monday , I finally caught the guinea off her nest and was able to take all the eggs and put them under the hen. There was another keet in the nest that had died , it had got out from under her.

Tuesday morning when I went to feed the hens and guineas , I found another keet had hatched under the hen , it had got out from under her too. It was cold , so I brought in the house and wrapped it up in a warm washcloth. I put it in the brooder with the other small keets. I wasn't sure if it would make it , but it did. So now I have 6 keets , the oldest two graduated out to the chicken coop Monday , they're in a larger box and have really grown in the last 3 days. Tuesday afternoon I went out to check on them and make sure they had water , I forgot to put the wire top back over their box , when I went to close up the coop for the night , they were gone. I searched the coop and couldn't find them , I didn't think they would stray to far away , but I wasn't dressed to search the weeds and outside of the coop in the dark. I went back to the house , put on jeans and boots , Dh said he would drive the truck down to the chicken coop , so we would have more light. One side of the chicken pen has tall weeds , for some reason , the chickens never go to that area. Dh found them nestled up in some straw under the tall weeds , he almost stepped on them. So it ended well , I'm thankful we found them , it was beginning to rain and Lily Belle ( the cat ) was sitting near the coop when I discovered they were missing , so it could have ended tragically , but thankfully it didn't.
~ Blessings ~


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

I'm not even going to try and raise babies, these pups keep me busy and I'm just hoping to keep the girls varmit free so I can get eggs! HA! Glad you found your baby keets! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that you found them as well. Tiny little ones! Thanks for sharing this with us. The photos and the story! :)

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Carol ~ We had a another keet hatch yesterday. I wasn't planning to raise them , but guineas aren't the greatest mothers and I'd like to have a few more around our farmette.

Hi Angela ~ It's great to hear from you , hope all is well with you.

~ Feather Blessings ~