Monday, August 31, 2009

~ * ~ Weekend Happenings ~ * ~

~ To the Moon ~
~ Strawberry Cake ~

The weekend was busy , on Friday I did grocery shopping , glad that's out of the way . Saturday , Curious J spent the day with us , he wasn't feeling well though. He did get to feeling well enough to create something , he informed me that " we always made something when he stayed with me ". I asked him what he wanted to make and he said a " Rocket " , so I gathered up a paper towel tube , some corrugated cardboard , glue , paint and brushes and we got busy making a rocket ship. As we were working on the rocket , he told me about using his glue stick at school last week , he said they made a rainbow fish. He started kindergarten last Thursday , my daughter brought Little Froggy to the house before she took him to school the first day. I went out to the car to wish him well on his first day , he was seating in his booster seat and had his pencil box out looking at everything in it. He was excited about starting school and told me what was in his pencil box , he was really thrilled about the glue stick and the bottle of Elmer's glue.

We celebrated my Mom's birthday yesterday with a 50's party , she loves the 50's era. I made a poodle skirt doll cake for her , it's not professional , but cute enough and she enjoyed it. She broke out the record player (remember those) and we danced to Fats Domino and Elvis. It was a busy weekend , but enjoyable all the same. Hope your weekend was filled with fun.

~ Family Blessings ~

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