Thursday, January 19, 2012

Confusing Weather ........................

This past Saturday as Little Froggy and I headed out the door I noticed that the daffodils were budding. The weather around here has been milder than usual this winter.

Little Froggy enjoyed a little tree climbing while we were outside.
He would climb up and walk out on the climb while holding onto the limb above until it started bending , then he would sit down and and try to slide down (LOL).

As we were walking around the yard , I noticed the dogwoods and the pink magnolia were budding also. It's much to early for them to be budding and blooming , I'm sure they'll be hurt by the cold weather before winter is over.

Yesterday I saw that the daffodils have bloomed even though it's been below freezing the last few nights. The weather man is predicting temps in the 60's this Sat. and the high for Sun in the low 40's. It's been a roller-coaster ride this winter , confusing weather indeed.

Many Blessings



Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for all the confused plants and animals. My dog is shedding his undercoat. Now he needs it!

Mother Moon said...

I so hear you on the confusing weather.... I like the warmer days yet would welcome a bit of the cold to just help nature remember that it is still winter and spring has not sprung quite yet.

AkasaWolfSong said...

It has been a confusing winter for weather...we are just now getting our snows and cold, which I welcome, as it makes Spring that much more sweeter, plus we need the precipitation as it has been so bone dry.

I so hope your dogwoods and magnolia's are not hurt by the weather.

Froggy is so cute out on a limb! :) I love children's imaginations don't you?

Have a safe and sacred weekend JoyceAnn!