Thursday, January 05, 2012

Saying Goodbye .................

Last night I went out to shut the coop door and found Ms. Arlene had passed. She was one of my first hens , I originally named her Jolene. But Curious J started calling her Arlene and it soon became her new name.

Good-Bye Ms. Arlene , Have a Safe Crossover !

Many Blessings



Peggy said...

Am so sorry about your beautiful hen. Its hard losing a feathered family member that has been part of the family for the longest. John Henry and Chicken Little are getting old and are the last of my very first chickens. They are around 8 years old. I dread the day they aren't there to greet me each morning. Hugs my friend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your lovely hen. It's hard when our animals get old. I have a drake that will be 13 in May~he's the last of my original birds from when I moved to the country.