Wednesday, January 30, 2008

* Expressions *

Lastnight I sat down to draw something for the create everyday 2008 challenge and I kinda went blank. I was exhausted , stressed and really wasn't feeling up to drawing.

My dog , Jewel is sick again. We've been battling chronic diarrhea for a month or more. We took her to the vet again lastnight , they gave her a shot and some meds. I'm hoping she'll pull through this , but she's pretty sick and I'm not feeling sure about it. We can't afford all those expensive tests , to find out exactly what is going on with her. So I'm nursing her and praying she will be o.k.

Anyway as I sat looking at my sketchbook , I drew a circle , thought if I started doodling , I might be inspired. The circle then turned into a face and then another one , until the page was full. I like the way it shows so many different expressions and I probably felt them all yesterday (LOL).


Naturegirl said...

Joyceann I am sure there are many mixed emotions going on in your heart and mind as you watch your sweet fur babie not feeling so great.They are so much part of our lives and when they hurt or are not quite right we are the same. I will hold you and your pet in my prayers.I do hope your lillte Jewel gets better. Peace and hugs to you both NG

Naturegirl said...

Joyceann I am so sorry to hear the news today..may Jewel's spirit light up the ~rainbow bridge~ I have 4 sweet fur friends now in the spirit world! Peace to sweet Jewel and hugs to you.xoxo