Saturday, January 26, 2008

* jUNKIN *

Last Friday I had to take Curious J to pre-school and decided I would go by the thrift store . Some call it junkin , but it's really smart shopping. You're giving new life to these items , aka recycling and saving money. The thrift store I visited Friday is a non-profit store and proceeds go to the schools in our county , another great reason to thrift shop.

I did buy a couple of things I didn't exactly need , but they are things I will use. I went to find some cloth napkins and this is what I came home with , but it's less than I normally buy when I go junkin . I did get 6 navy blue cloth napkins for 1.50 . I found Curious J a really nice winter coat , he will be able to wear it for a couple of years most likely. I also found him some dinosaur bones sandmolds , we 'll enjoy these this summer.

I found the cutiest Easter tree and ornaments , I originally thought I would put it on e-bay. But I've decided I want to keep it and use it for decoration and I couldn't resist the bunny basket , so it's a keeper too.

I bought a couple of books and some magazines , some yarn and a couple of toys for the wee ones. I spent a total of 22.25 , not bad for this junk (LOL).

I did ask myself , if I really needed these items and most were needed or would be used. I didn't accept the plastic bags either , just put my items back in the cart and took them to car , I forgot to take my cloth bags in the store.I had to stop at the grocery store and pick-up some cat food , bread and a couple of other items , I did remember to take a cloth bag for these items.

I'm still doing the create everyday 2008 ~ just haven't posted them , hopefully I'll get to that this week.

I had a busy weekend with the grandchildren , so haven't had time to blog. Hope your weekend was great and green !

~ JoyceAnn ~


Lib said...

Don't you just Love Junkin?lol I do. You found some great buys:o)
Thats 1/2 the fun never know what you'll find.
HAve agreat week.
Blessins;, Lib

Kate said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog... You found some great buys, that is always fun.