Saturday, January 19, 2008

* Let It Snow *

We're suppose to have snow today , the weatherman is predicting we will see 1 to 3 inches. We don't see much snow here , maybe once a year and it's usually small amounts. I feel like a child just waiting and anticipating. I'm hoping we'll get enough for Curious J to build a snowman and go sledding.

Lastnight I drew this snowwoman for my create everyday challenge. I hope to add some color to her today and place her in my journal.

I need to go fill up the birdfeeders , find the snow gear and put on a pot of soup. I love snowy days , just thankful we don't have many.
Have a Great weekend !


Lib said...

Hope you get your snow. We may get flurries. And bitter cold temps.
I am ready for
I like your snowman. Cute.:o)
Have a great wkend.Stay warm

Peggy said...

snowing here! Hope we get at least a few inches. Bunnies are doing great! Cute as ever. Have a great weekend

Naturegirl said...

I do hope that you get your snow as it is a peaceful sight! We have none here but that's ok because we did have it for the month of Dec.
I know the fear that you mention in your last post..I have always tried my darnest NOT to expose my personal
photos to the internet.People be careful..not all of the viewing audience are nice!!