Sunday, January 20, 2008

* One inch ~ Maybe ? *

We didn't get much snow , just a ground covering. It was beautiful while it was falling and I did try to get some pics but it's melting fast.
I wandered out to the garden and took a pic of my garlic that's starting to sprout up. The garden made me long ...... for spring , I feel that need to get my hands back in the dirt. I think I'll start planning my veggie garden this week and start looking for seeds.
Hope your weekend is Blessed !!


Lib said...

I'm ready to play in the dirt also. I'm not a winter/snow pwerso!
There's just something about gardening huh?
Have agreat week. Spring will be here soon.:o)

Anonymous said...

Snow!!! I know that this is weird..but I sure wish that it would snow here. Even if a little bit... :) Great photo!!