Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ Protecting Our Loved Ones ~

I wasn't going to post a pic of my grandson , painting his hearts on my last post. One of our Dear Glitter Sisters had a really upsetting experience a few weeks ago. An overseas porn site linked to her blog , they linked to a post that had a pic of her granddaughter. I had just posted pics of my new grandbabies , when I read about this happening , I deleted the post . I also went through my blog and deleted all photos of Curious J.
Although I enjoy the www , it can be a very unsafe place. I enjoy sharing my grandchildren with my friends from blogland. Most of you are mothers , grandparents or friends who enjoy seeing them grow , change and enjoy life. We should be careful about what we expose on our blogs. I won't be using the grands names anymore. Most of you know Curious J's name but please refer to him as Curious J from now on. I will be calling his brother Sweet Baby J and my granddaughter will be refered to as Little Missy.
I wanted everyone to know why I don't use their names anymore. I will alter all pics that I post. Below are some tips you should consider if you're posting about loved ones on your blog.

Do not use real names ~ Choose nicknames or use the first letter of their name.

Do not mention locations ~ State/ City / School /

Do not post pictures ~ I have chosen to use altered photos

You may want to consider a private blog ~ only those with password can access the blog

I don't want to seem impersonal , but I have to protect my loved ones. I hope you understand and will take precautions also.

Hope everyone had a Blessed day !


Lib said...

Thanks for sharing the info.
Sad when we have fun and something like this happens!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

This is such a great idea!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

I love your altered photo.
It looks solarized and I love
doing that when I was taking a
b&w photography class. It was
my favorite thing to do in the

Have a Blessed Creative Happy Year!!!

Gemma said...

My Grandkids have alias's now too!
We can share them with friends without revealing anything to sickos!!!

judie said...

I totally understand. It's a real shame that there are those kind of people in the world, but they are sure everywhere!!! Curious J's heart tree is kewl!!! xoxoxo