Saturday, November 15, 2008

~ White Pine / Pinus Strobus ~

Healing Properties of White Pine / Pinus Strobus

Antiseptic qualities , anti-inflammatory ~ used to combat fatigue , coldness , asthma , pneumonia , head congestion , colds. Used to build strength , helps stimulate adrenals and restore the liver and stomach. It also prevents infection , promotes tissue repair and relieves pain.

White Pine is used as an expectorant and in teas for relief of colds , cough , croup , flu and bronchitis.White Pine is rich in vitamin A and C , it has 5 times as much vitamin C as lemons have per serving.

Pine Needle Tea

1 pint of water
1 oz of pine needle
sugar and lemon
( to taste )

Boil water , remove from heat and add pine needles , let it infuse for 10 minutes or more , strain pine needles , add sugar and lemon (optional ) , enjoy.

( Do Not Use While Pregnant )

I made some pine oil last January , my intention was to use it as a furniture polish. I started using it a couple of months ago , it does a great job on furniture. I blogged awhile back about my Mom cutting her finger , we applied some of the pine oil and it healed beautifully. Since then , I have used it on cuts , puppy dog scratches and a burn. I brunt my finger a couple of weeks ago , touched a red hot burner accidentally , I put aloe on it first , then I thought about the pine oil . I took a cotton cloth and applied some oil on my finger and put a band aid over it. The band aid stayed on overnight and most of the next day , when I removed it , I couldn't believe my eyes. It didn't blister , wasn't burning and looked like it had healed overnight. I will definitely keep pine oil on hand from now on , there will be some in the medicine cabinet and the kitchen at all times.

~~ Pine Oil Infusion ~~

White Pine Needles
And Olive Oil

Cut pine needles and the small limbs they're attached to into 1/2 or 1 inch pieces , fill pint jar full , add olive oil to cover. Place in dark , cool place to infuse for 6-8 weeks or longer. Strain and bottle.

I also read that the pine oil makes a great massage oil , good for sore and aching muscles. I haven't tried it yet , but will in the future.

Hope you're having a great weekend , doing something you love. I plan to do some root digging.

~ Green Blessings ~



Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Hope you're having a good wk.end.
THanks for the recipe!
I'd much rather use natural than RX.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

God Bless and Thanks for the recipes!!!