Monday, November 10, 2008

~ Fun At the Park ~

~ Red -Tailed Hawks ~

~ Great Horned Owl ~

~ Barred Owl ~

~ Just a Swinging ~

~ Nana & the Grands ~

My youngest daughter and I took the grands to San-Lee Park yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful day , the leaves are simply glorious right now. This park does wildlife rehabilitation , they have hawks , owls and vultures that have been rescued , but aren't able to be released because of wing damage or other problems. The great horned owl and barred owl are beautiful. That great horned owl had one eye shut when I took a photo , I told Curious J he was winking at me (lol). The park is something like a nature center also , they have snakes , turtles , squirrels and frogs. I'm not sure if all these animals have been rescued. I was talking to Curious J about the spotted turtle , I asked him why he thought it was called a spotted turtle , he told me it was because it had dots. When his Mom came over to see the turtle , I told him to tell her what this turtle was called , he looked up and proudly exclaimed it was a "polka dotted turtle" ....... sooo cute (lol). Little Missy and Little Froggy enjoyed the baby swings and the geese on the lake , they got really excited about them.

We came back to my house to roast hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire. It was a fun day for the kids and a much needed break from routine for me. How was your weekend , did you do anything fun?

~ Blessings ~


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Polka Dot Turtle, so cute!

I lived in a town when I was a kid that had a park like that.

Look's like you and I are the Winners of Candes giveaway!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Michelle is having a giveaway too.
I put a link up to her giveaway.

Lib said...

Hi JOyceann,
Looks like a fun day!
I want to come over and go see the Polka Dotta Turtle! lol Too cute!
Have a great day!

JoyceAnn said...

Yeah , we won ! Congrats to you Flassie.

~ Blessings ~

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Thanks! I put up a tutorial
for some gifts I made last year. You'll haveto scroll down the page a little on my blog because I have Michelle's Goody Giveaway up at the top at the moment.

God Bless You and Yours!!!