Tuesday, November 04, 2008

~ Fall Gardening ~

Yesterday I dug up a blueberry bush and replanted it. I planted the bush 2 or 3 years ago and it hasn't grown much , so I decided to move it to a new area and see what happens. I moved it to the area were I planted the other blueberry bushes back in the spring. I didn't think those bushes would live , it was late spring when I planted them and the summer heat came right after I got them in the ground. I was looking at them yesterday and I believe one of them might live , so I'll watch it closely next spring. I also cleaned around the pear tree that I planted back in the spring and
mulched it.

DH mowed the field last week , I raked the grass clippings and put them in the compost bin. I had to empty the compost bin first , shovelled all that wonderful smelling dark dirt into the wheelbarrow and buckets , love the smell of the rich dark compost. I hope to get my garlic planted this weekend or the first of next week. I gathered more pine needles and have them infusing in oil.

It was a very productive day and I really enjoyed being outside. The leaves have changed colors , it's beautiful around here. Shadow stayed under my feet , pulling and tugging on everything I picked up. He played in the grass clippings and chased leaves , it was so cute. I actually managed to get a pic of him with a leaf in his mouth.

~ Autumn Blessings ~


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Lisa said...

Wow. You have been hard at it! The puppy is sooooo cute!