Monday, July 20, 2009

....... And then there were 2

Saturday morning I went out to feed the chickens and guineas , when I got to the holding pen I saw 1 of the keets outside the pen with Poppa. I picked it up and put it back in the pen with it's Mom , then I noticed they were all gone except for the one I had just put back. I looked around for awhile before spotting another keet under a log. I put it back in the pen , but decided later to take it to the house because it was cold , slightly damp and seemed weak. I looked for the other 2 keets , but couldn't find them. I let the Momma Guinea out of the holding pen , I thought if they were out there in the grass or under a log they would come to her. I went back out later to check on them , I never found the other 2 and while I was out there I saw a hawk flying over the neighbors house. I decided to take the other keet to the house too , they're safe and doing well now.
~ Blessings ~

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

Cute. So sad about the ones you lost.