Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~ ~ Canning Time ~ ~

I was really busy last week , canning , cleaning , cooking and looking after the critters and the grandkids. I started early everyday and I was to exhausted to blog at the end of the day. It was a very busy week and I'm glad it's over. On Monday of last week , I put up 14 qts of canned tomatoes , Tuesday ~ My Mom and I made and canned 20 qts of vegetable soup , Wednesday I froze corn and canned 7 qts of potatoes. Thursday I had 2 of the Grands all day , so kinda took the day off and enjoyed them , but I did freeze some more corn that morning. Friday I was back to canning and put up 21 qts of green beans , plus I decorated a birthday banner for my neighbor , whom was hosting a Birthday party for her friend that was turning 100 Sunday. Wow ~ 100 years old , now that's a reason to celebrate .

Curious J came Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon. He helped gather eggs and look after the 2 guinea keets. The keets are doing good and starting to get their feathers , they'll be going home with Curious J when they're old enough. We played Go Fish Saturday night and first thing Sunday morning (LOL) , he loves to play card games. Sunday was my day of rest , my girls and the grandkids came over , we enjoyed a day by the pool and celebrated my son-in-law's birthday.

Monday I had to mulch some late cucumbers and squash I planted a few weeks ago , then I cleaned the chicken coop and worked on the compost heap. As I was finishing up outside , I noticed that the broody guinea hen was off her nest getting water and food , so I decided to take a few eggs from her nest and put them under Mya. I took 10 eggs from the nest and placed them under Mya , she has been broody for a couple of weeks now , so I'm hoping she'll raise a few guinea keets. I've read that people had more success with hens hatching the eggs and raising the young keets , so I'm going to give it a try. I'm expecting the eggs to start hatching this week , so today I'm going to get a brooder box set-up , I plan to take the keets when Momma guinea brings them out. I hate to take them away , but I know they won't survive very long if I don't and I'd love to have more guineas around.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping , did some stocking up for me and my Mom. Glad that's done , hope I don't have to make another grocery run for at least a month. Dh usually picks up milk and other items we need in between. So , that's why I haven't blogged in awhile , still have a busy week ahead of me , but it won't be quite as hectic. Hope everyone is doing well , plan to visit blogs this afternoon and catch up on the happenings in blogland.

~ Harvest Blessings ~

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Piecefulafternoon said...

The canning sounds wonderful - and tiring. They look great.