Monday, July 19, 2010

Christmas in July ......................................

Last week while I was in the kitchen pickling peppers and making herbed vinegars , I bottled my homemade vanilla. I used recycled steak sauce and olive oil bottles to bottle it in. I'll be giving 3 bottles away as Christmas gifts , will add some pretty ribbon and a label to each bottle. I plan to make a cookie in a jar mix and add a bottle of vanilla to a gift basket. I'll be doing the same thing with my violet jelly , but it will include " Thumbprint Cookies " mix in a jar and the recipe. Yep , it's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas gifts , but I'll be glad I did when Christmas is upon us.

Thought I would share some recycling tips , since I mentioned recycled bottles. This might be helpful if you save and recycle bottles like I do. Keep a wad of aluminum foil by the sink for scrubbing your pots and pans ( except non-stick ). I also use it to clean labels off my recycled bottles , it works great.

This little recycled scrubby works good on those non-stick pans. Since I save everything I always have these items on hand. You'll need a net bag , so save your lemon , orange or onion net bags , twist ties ( I know you've got a drawer full of those (LOL) and a sponge. Put the sponge inside the bag and use the twist ties to gather it at the ends and snip off excess.

I made this scrubby about a month ago , as you can see I've used it alot , it's already got a hole in it. I was thinking this morning , these would make great Christmas gifts too , just team the scubbies up with some homemade cleaning products and add to a gift basket. Although you might want to make sure you trim the ends off evenly , thought I did but I think I pulled them out while scrubbing (LOL).
Anyone else thinking about " Christmas in July " ?
~ Simple Blessings ~


Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh I'm thinking about it - thinking and thinking - but no lists so far. We are drawing names for the adults this year - and buying for the kids of course. Should be fun!!

I like the foil tip - the other is good too but I don't have nonstick pans.

Anonymous said...

Great tips JoyceAnn! I had no idea about the aluminum foil - something I will try tonite!

What are your favorite homemade vinegars? And how do you make your own vanilla?

Lib said...

2Great minds thinking alike!lol
I use the net bags from time to time ,didnt know about foil thanks for sharing:o)
Have a great wk.

Anonymous said...

We are recycling wine bottles, so I will definitely be trying the aluminum foil for scrubbing them.

MissKoolAid said...

Great tips! I like the idea of homemade vanilla. I've been seeing a lot of articles on that and will have to try it soon. What did you use to make yours?

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I've been thinking about
next Christmas since last
December. lol! Mostly just
thinking about it. lol!!

I just found some of that netting I wanted to sew onto a dish rag. I've put a bar of soap in the netting bags and scrub my hands. It is especially nice to use when you've got decoupage all over your hands. I like your idea using the spounge.

I'll have to try the foil. Sounds
like a great idea!

The vanilla sounds really good!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Callie said...

Great ideas and photos! Thanks. Not thinking about Christmas yet. You are way ahead of me.

Peggy said...

thank you! I am so excited to have some ideals for Christmas gifts! I need to start now as the family is big. They will love these as gifts.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I used the foil idea
and it works really
good. So glad you
shared it.


God Bless You and Yours!!!