Friday, July 09, 2010

Our First Garden Harvest ....................................

This morning I harvested a few cucumbers and peppers from the garden.

Later I gathered red clover and a handful of blackberries. I've decided I'm going to make a blackberry/red clover syrup tomorrow. It's been a bad season for the blackberries , just to hot and dry. I don't have enough berries to make jelly and they're kind of seedy , so I'm going to squeeze them for juice and use it for the syrup. I also gathered some lemon balm and tarragon , plan to make herbal vinegar with that combination. The basil and oregano will be added to my canned spaghetti sauce to give it a fresh garden taste.

Last night I captured this photo of Geronimo keeping watch over his girls before they came in to roost.
He looks mighty proud !

There's a garden bed in that mess somewhere (LOL). This is my asparagus and strawberry bed , didn't get it moved and replanted this Spring as planned , so it'll have to wait until Fall. Dh talked me into using dirt he add dug up in the woods and this what we got , lots of weeds. I'll be using compost in it when we get it moved.

I decided to put a pair of gloves under the shed at the chicken coop , so I'll have them when I decide to grab the hoe again , hopefully it'll save my fingers from another nasty blister. I've got at least a half dozen pairs of gloves if not more , so I shouldn't be having sore fingers (LOL). After looking at them hanging there , I think I'll put them in a plastic bag so no spiders can make a home in them (LOL).

What have you been up to today ?
~ Garden Blessings ~


AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh those cucumbers look so good! I picked my first crop of Cherokee wax beans yesterday and am cooking them up for my dinner in a bit here. I love wax beans. So far I haven't spotted one cucumber on my vines which is very disappointing. Maybe it is just too hot and I should try a different spot. I do have another container with them coming up quite nicely so I hope I get some before the summer is over. I need to go out and pick some baby swiss chard and make a nice salad to go with my beans for supper. I've just been dragging my feet till it cools down a little outside so I can be out there. I get so sick out in it. Your food faire looks lovely JoyceAnn. I hope your syrup goes as planned this time! And yes, do put those gloves in a bag...we wouldn't want you to be bitten!
Have a fantastic weekend and stay cool! Sending you many blessings Dear One!

Piecefulafternoon said...

The harvest looks great - I have nothing in my garden yet - been too wet and cold - then the last two days it has been 88 and 85.

I always check my garden gloves for spiders - even the ones I keep in the house LOL

Kiki said...

Such a gorgeous harvest...looks fabulous! Love the peaceful and beautiful!! Wonderful post!Have a happy day!

Lib said...

Looking good!:o)
Love the pix.

Millie said...

That syrup sounds yummy. It's been such a long time since I've made herbed vinegar; I just might have to try that again. My favorite was garlic, basil and chives in an apple cider vinegar.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi WolfSong ~ Those Cherokee wax beans sound delish , although I've never tried them. What do they taste like ? Were they grown by the Cherokee people or is that just a name. Hopefully you'll have more cucumbers than you'll know what to do with soon. Thanks for the Blessing!

Hi JoAnn ~ I'm sending you some Summer heat in exchange for some rain (LOL).

Hi Kiki ~ Thanks ! You have a wonderful blog , I'll be visiting again soon.

Hi Lib ~ Thanks !

Hi Millie ~ I'm going to try your herbed combination too , it sounds delish.

~ Many Blessings To All of You ~

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, a really nice harvest!!

Good idea to keep the gloves
in a plastic bag.

I walked to the library took
photos of different plants &
picked some red clover and
seeds of chickory, chamomile
and clover.

I was so tired when I got home
I layed on the sofa and listened
to a audio book. Later I started
reading Possom Living and a
Dandelion Medicine Book while
listening to The Thistle and
Shamrock on NPR Radio.

God Bless and Thanks for
popping in to say Hello!!!

Beth said...

being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting.

frugalgravy said...

Oh thats wonderful!!!